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Porsche of Newport Beach

Top Tips for a Happy Porsche

Keep it clean
A clean car is a happy car. Aesthetics aside, keeping your Porsche exceptionally clean has other advantages as well. You’ll be less likely to attract unwanted guests (pests) when your car is sitting for a few days. No left over coffee cups or food debris. Also in the unfortunate event of an accident, you won’t have to worry about a flying water bottle or tablet damaging your interior, or worse, hurting you or someone you love.

Check Your Tire Pressure
While modern technology keeps us from unknowingly running dangerously low on tire pressure, it’s important to keep in mind the advantages of keeping your tires properly inflated. Your Porsche will handle better, brake better, get better mileage per gallon, and the lifespan of the tire will be lengthened. Check your service manual for details.

Regular Maintenance
Regular maintenance is the blueprint for longevity. From simple tire rotation to timing belts and fluids, it’s very important to follow the factory service schedule detailed by Porsche. After all, who’s going to know better about your car than the people who built it?

Change Your Oil
While this falls in the category of regular maintenance, it’s important enough to talk about individually. Your engines oil is literally the blood of your vehicle. It’s important that utmost care and the correct replacements are always used. While a cheap oil change may be tempting for your commuter, your Porsche will love you and take care of you better if you stick to proper maintenance.

Visual Inspection
This is an easy one that is often missed. Simply walk around your car. Look for anything noticeably out of place. It’s better to notice low tire pressure or the need for a new brake light before you’re driving.

Proper Storage
Regardless of if your Porsche is a daily driver or a summers only cruiser, where you store it will have an everlasting effect on the condition of the vehicle. There’s three important things to remember when storing your vehicle: cool temperatures, dry surroundings, and coverage. Keeping your car out of the conditions, covered, and dry will assure your car looks and feels the way it did the first time- every time.


A few top tips for keeping your Porsche happy and healthy.