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Our Porsche Team

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Timothy H. Tauber

Timothy H. Tauber | Dealer Principal / General Manager

Tim Tauber has been a proud member of the Porsche family for over 21 years and loves delivering an exceptional customer experience with his Porsche Newport Beach team. Tim has owned several Porsches over the years and has been a fan since his early 20’s. The performance and classic design are just a few of Tim’s favorite traits of the Porsche brand.


Steve Gonzalez

Steve Gonzalez | Sales Manager


Frank Avena

Frank Avena | Sales Manager

Phone: 949.723.3256 Ext. 3256 • Email:

Hope Moon

Hope Moon | Finance Manager

Phone: 949.673.0900 • Email:

Apollo Gesa

Apollo Gesa | Sales & Leasing Professional

Phone: 949.723.3270 • Email:

Edwin Villafane | E-Commerce Director

Phone: 949.566.6221 • Email:

Robert Fischer

Robert Fischer | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Phone: 949.673.0900 • Email:

Matt Gemici

Matt Gemici | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Turkish speaker

Phone: 949.673.0900 • Email:

Mattherw Chis

Mattherw Chis | Sales & Leasing Professional

Phone: 209.345.6037 • Email:

Marton  Lukacsy

Marton Lukacsy | Sales & Leasing Professional

Phone: 949.510.2849 • Email:

Steve Shurter

Steve Shurter | Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador

Phone: 949.673.0900 • Email:

Garrick Chai

Garrick Chai | Porsche Sales Professional

Mandarin speaker

Phone: 949.673.0900 • Email:

Edwin Villafane | Internet Sales Manager

Phone: 949.566.6221 • Email:

Thomas O'Rourke

Thomas O'Rourke | Porsche Brand Ambassador

Phone: 949.673.0900 • Email: OROURKET@AUTONATION.COM

Twee Hayes

Twee Hayes | Finance Manager

Vietnamese speaker

Phone: 949.673.0900 • Email:

Rick West

Rick West | Service Advisor


Dennis Codd

Dennis Codd | Service Advisor


Brad Roos

Brad Roos | Parts Manager


Ken Cowan

Ken Cowan | Parts dept.


Timothy Beck

Timothy Beck | PPN Admin


Sam Harp

Sam Harp | Service Manager

Sam Harp has been a part of our organization for 18 years. He has served as a technician, shop foreman and service consultant. Sam is always here to listen and help. This dealerships goal is to keep you 100% satisfied with all aspects of your visit.


Jason Sands

Jason Sands | Service Advisor


Larry Wu | Brand Ambassador

Phone: 949.566.6215 • Email:

Giovanni Bucci | Brand Ambassador


Kellen Dixon | E-Commerce Sales